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Holidays to France

Holidays to France


Joie de vivre epitomises the French idealism. Good food, fine clothes and art can be experienced throughout its cities, coastal towns, and pastoral villages with restored farmhouses and chateaux in amongst glorious countryside.

Whether you want to shop in the finest haute couture establishments in Paris, enjoy the extravagance of St. Tropez on the Mediterranean, ski in the Alps, or just enjoy the tranquillity of the Alsace with a glass of wine from a local vineyard, France can provide all of this. Wherever you go, fine food will always be available.


France is mostly temperate with mild winters, except in the Alps, the Alsace region and the Mediterranean coastline. The northwest suffers from high humidity, rain and biting westerly winds. The Mediterranean coastline has hot summers and mild winters.

When to go

Different regions of France have potentially distinct optimum seasons.

The French actually enjoy the Spring, before the heat of the sun creases their well-pressed clothing.

June to September is when tourists will swarm to the south of France and the Mediterranean.

August sees many shops close for a month.

Mid-December brings snow, and skiing is available until late March.

Holidays to France


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Holidays to France