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Holidays to Malta

Holidays to Malta


Malta is a mix of North African and Arabic influences with Sicilian cuisine, blessed with a huge amount of beaches for such a small area.

But it has its own identity, with Valletta displaying baroque architecture, and feasts and fireworks and lots of charm resulting in a special destination.


Somewhat typical of the Mediterranean, the 3 islands that comprise Malta have a daily average of 5-6 hours sunshine in mid-winter to 12 hours in summer.

Winters are generally mild, rarely getting a chilly spell from central Europe.

Summers are hot, dry and very sunny, with very low rainfall.

Spring and Autumn can sometimes bring, via the Sirocco winds from Africa, high temperatures.

When to go

Due to the Mediterranean climate, sea and sun holidays are bearable from Spring until mid-October, though the Sirroco winds can make it very hot, although you do have the sea to cool off in.

Holidays to Malta


Holidays to Malta